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This is Shoutcast Irelands Shoutcast Html5 and Flash Generator

It is unquie as it uses both html5 and flash,the player decides which one is best to play it on depending on what browser or device is being used to listen to the stream

Choose your settings and click Generate your Free Html5 Flash Player to create your SHOUTcast Radio player.

Your website URL example:

Server Hostname/IP Address example:

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Server Port example: 8000

This is a live demo of the player working

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It works on all browsers and all mobiles devices like ios and android from iphones to samsungs s ranges and its completey free to use.

It works with any ip or port,even with shoutcast streams hosted with other companys it free to use by all.

Please copy and paste the below code where you need the player to be placed.

Then copy and paste the below line in the head section of the page that you pasted above code.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>